HQ Toronto Health Hub, Toronto

Architecture Counsel, Toronto

Photography by Doublespace Photography 

For too long, Toronto was one of the only major North American cities with a large LGBTQ+ population notably bereft of an integrated health centre. Not anymore. Architecture Counsel was tasked with transforming a clinic once solely focussed on HIV treatment into a new space dedicated to a more holistic concept of well-being, culture, comfort, community, inclusivity, and positivity. It was still crucial to create highly functional technical spaces complete with current expectations for accessibility and infection prevention and control, but now in an environment that feels decidedly un-clinical. Nature and Indigenous culture were primary sources for inspiration. Neutral tones of the furnishings and fixtures lend themselves to a calming ambiance, while accentuating colourful art adorning the walls. A semi-circular front desk crafted from stained white oak greets visitors in the main entry. Natural wood is used in all the common areas to provide a sense of comfort, warmth, as well as sound attenuation.