Heller adopts new blockchain-based authenticator product

Heller has partnered with Toronto-based digital design innovation company, digby, on their blockchain-based token product designed to establish indisputable authenticity and protect intellectual property.

The international manufacturer is the first furniture brand to partner with the digital design company. The new digby Design Authenticator (DDA) Product, will enable Heller to introduce a digital token to solidify the authenticity of each Vignelli Rocker sold.

The Vignelli Rocker was the last chair designed for Heller by the late Lella and Massimo Vignelli in 2014. It is now back in production by Heller, and will have an individual NFT with a unique identifier that will contain proof of the product’s authenticity.

“We believe that it is our duty to do what we can to save the planet,” John Edelman, president and CEO of Heller explains. “To this end, the company has created a full circle program that breeds both longevity and active reuse. Heller will take back any of its products (and even pay for shipping) at any time during its lifecycle. They will then grind it into a powder and—without the use of chemical enhancements—make it into new product. The digby Design Authenticator is the ideal product to complement our process by allowing us to create an irrefutable bridge on the blockchain between us and our customers, empowering them to seamlessly participate in our mission.”

The DDA not only enables sustainability programs while combating counterfeiting, but also opens up additional opportunities for manufacturers like Heller to connect directly with consumers.

Co-founders, Tessa Bain and Andrew Lane, have built digby on a foundation of deep knowledge and passion for the luxury design industry, coupled over two decades of experience in digital and innovation consulting and implementation for major international companies. 

“We’re thrilled that the iconic Vignelli Rocker will be the first product to feature the digby Design Authenticator,” says Bain. “Championing authentic design has always been core to our mission which is why we’re thrilled to have launch partners like Heller who not only have leveraged the core capability of the product – to authenticate design – but have also highlighted the value of their product’s full lifecycle by connecting Heller consumers with their industry-leading sustainability initiatives.”