Viva las Pantone!

“An unconventional shade for an unconventional time” is how the colour authority describes Viva Magenta, the Colour of the Year 2023.

“This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is powerful and empowering. It is an animated crimson red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying, and boundless shade that is a stand-out statement. 18-1750 Viva Magenta welcomes anyone and everyone with the same verve for life and rebellious spirit. It is a colour that is audacious, full of wit and inclusive of all.”

– Laurie Pressman, vice president, Pantone Colour Institute.

Powerful indeed. So much so that designers may be challenged to incorporate this colour without letting it overwhelm, but product manufacturers wasted no time in showcasing ideas to get them started, whether it be for spaces seeking energy and high drama, to more muted and darker shades that are still complementary but not so bombastic.


Ultrafabrics will launch special edition colours inspired by Viva Magenta throughout 2023,” says Ultrafabrics colour expert Kimberle Frost. “Our forthcoming palettes will power new visions around the Pantone Color of the Year across all areas of interior design.” The first initiative will see Ultrafabrics Color of the Year Palette featured in Pantone Connect with a selection of complementary colour swatches with Viva Magenta, serving as inspiration for any interior designer or specifier. Ultrafabrics’ special edition colors will be released within its collections UF Select Montage, Brisa and its bio-based fabric, Volar Bio.


Redend Point SW 9081 (Credit Sherwin-Williams)

“We predicted a rise in the brown and red colour families and Viva Magenta is a natural evolution from the purple of Very Peri to the warmer expression we expected to become more important in interiors,” says Sue Wadden, director of colour marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It’s giving a nod to fashion and cosmetics, where bold colour meets complex undertones. For interiors, this lends itself to those choosing their living spaces to be a canvas for creative expression. With brown having a larger impact on colour trends next year, we chose Redend Point SW 9081 as our 2023 Colour of the Year because the soft blush-beige is a beautiful and easier way to bring those colour families into the home. Like Viva Magenta, Redend Point allows for creative expression in thinking of neutrals in a new way and shows off the cosmetic side of colour by leaning toward beauty and care.”

Canvas Burgundy (Credit Sunbrella)

“Viva Magenta represents the beauty of bold, balanced design. With fabric, this can come to life in a variety of ways, from layering techniques to paired patterns accumulated over meaningful times and places,” says Greg Voorhis, executive design director at Sunbrella. “Coordinating Sunbrella fabrics such as Canvas Burgundy can be applied to everything from decorative pillows to a sofa or pouf to instantly bring more depth, richness and materiality to a space.”

Sea Pearl (Courtesy of Formica)

“It’s at once incredibly modern yet holds a hint of nostalgia, and in the sea of neutrals that most of us live our lives in, Viva Magenta is a refreshing punch of saturated colour. It’s the perfect pop of colour in the home and makes a bold statement on a kitchen countertop – think dahlias, peonies, chic serveware or even a bowl of pomegranates,” says Meghan Howell, North American design and creative director at Formica. The colour especially pops on a neutral background, such as a lighter woodgrain, and its slight cool touch also allows Viva Magenta to work well with cooler and whiter tones such as Sea Pearl.”


Vixen (courtesy Graham & Brown)

“Pantone’s colour may seem like a brave choice for paint if you’re a more classic and reserved decorator who usually remains loyal to the steadfast nature of a neutral. This colour however reflects the need for self-expression and confidence, inviting us to be more open and show our personalities to the world,” says Paula Taylor, trend specialist at Graham & Brown. James Greenwood, brand and interiors expert at Graham & Brown adds, “It is easy to be put-off using a bright colour like this in the home, however we think this is easily translatable into a homey hue and our Vixen paint is the perfect melding of a rich red with pinkish undertones.”





“As it relates to cabinetry within our homes, colour has been on the cusp of a revolution. Although nature inspired colours spanning an array of blues and greens are becoming comfortably common, we have been watching the dawning of colours full of vibrancy and warmth emerge and are excited to see such a bold statement of colour confidence with Pantone’s 2023 Colour of the Year,” says Stephanie Pierce, director of design and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets. “While colour can make an appearance in many areas of cabinetry, such as accent or transitional spaces, laundry, bath and conventional areas like kitchen islands, homeowners should consider infusing such a striking hue into the central room theme to create a significant focal point when entering the space.”

Courtesy of Marvin

“We envision Viva Magenta being used in the home and in the hospitality industry around moments of entertainment and celebrations. From buying flowers for yourself or your loved ones on a weeknight or purchasing a few accents for your home office, this colour elevates everyday moments and boldly encourages us to have fun again,” says Christine Marvin, chief marketing and experience officer at Marvin.