Herman Miller Reintroduces Eight Archival Alexander Girard Originals

Herman Miller is reintroducing eight archival Alexander Girard Environmental Enrichment Panel graphics as posters—a format ideal for placement in the modern home.
Girard originally intended the Environmental Enrichment Panels for use in the workplace as a means of adding levity to offices, encouraging creativity and productivity by energizing workers with an extroverted color palette and geometric patterns.

The team at Herman Miller carefully analyzed his original screen-printed designs, finding a modern medium that not only maintained the integrity of the originals, but elevated the beloved artwork to be used in new ways and spaces.
During Girard’s 20-plus year tenure as the founding director of the company’s textile division in 1952, he introduced more than 300 textiles, thoughtful objects and furniture—including the genre-defining Environmental Enrichment Panels.

The series will include several distinctive Girard patterns in varying sizes, as well as iconic designs like Bouquet, Palace, Double Heart, and Eyes. The posters will feature a faithfully recreated, high-resolution digital print of Girard’s original on 100% cotton paper, framed in American maple with a natural, white, or black finish. The framed options appear to float in the frame, creating a graphic look when hung on a wall. An embossed logo on the back of each poster will certify authenticity.

“Pattern has always been the entry point into Alexander Girard’s irresistibly optimistic universe,” says Ben Watson, President of Herman Miller. “His original intention was to use these prints to infuse color and energy into the workplace. In today’s world, work happens everywhere, and one’s home environment can be equally as creative and inspiring. These timeless designs are just as powerful as they were when introduced in 1972.”