A whole new world: the Grand Magic Hotel

Unveiled in September, 2022, the Grand Magic Hotel re-imagines what it means to “be transported” on an immersive journey that fuses scenography, architecture, and multimedia.

Photo credit: Moment Factory

Developed over a two year period by the Montreal-based multimedia studio Moment Factory — who was tasked with transforming the Hotel’s Lobby and Grand Hall — and global investment manager Schroders, the property located in the Paris region immerses guests in imaginary worlds from the moment they enter.

The multisensory adventure introduces guests to four worlds: The French Garden, The Forest Pavilion, The Water Palace, and The Sky Gallery. Each world is a multimedia show that unfolds over four acts, taking guests on a deliberately-paced journey that includes relaxing ambient sequences and entertaining show moments.

Photo credit: Moment Factory

The hotel’s multimedia-based transformation was inspired by Moment Factory’s work in theme park attractions, and a goal of using themed entertainment to complement and enhance the hotel’s practical functions.

“Schroders’ mandate provided us with the opportunity to re-imagine the hotel experience by tapping into our expertise in themed attractions,” says Thomas Pintal, Creative Director, Moment Factory. “Through multimedia scenography, we take visitors of all ages on an immersive journey.”

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by Mr. Maurice, the fictional owner of The Grand Magic Hotel, who comes to life in a digital portrait that hangs prominently above the Reception Desk. As guests explore the Lobby, they encounter ever-changing graphics that provide visions of the journey to come.

Photo credit: Moment Factory

The hotel’s interior not only evolves throughout the day, but also over the course of the seasons. These environments are brought to life through architectural effects and trompe-l’oeil illusions.

In the French Garden, golden light illuminates a living garden landscape inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds the hotel. The garden’s gradual evolution complements guests’ daily departures and returns. In the morning, the garden immerses guests in a vivid sunrise, and in the afternoon, a sunset welcomes them back.

The Water Palace is a majestic underwater world swimming with sparkling sea creatures that bathes The Grand Hall. The Forest Pavilion is a mysterious forest of towering trees, lush vegetation, and a swirl of dancing fireflies while The Sky Gallery is home to an ever-glowing full moon, cosmic fireworks, and soaring paper airplanes.

Photo credit: Moment Factory

Moment Factory’s contributions to the hotel’s transformation include the creation of an original story world filled with unique animated characters and environments. Fusing lighting, soundscapes, technology, and digital content, the studio developed an experience inspired by glamorous hotels and the majesty of French castles.

A primary goal was to encourage families and friends to spend time in the Hotel’s Grand Hall, where they can gather, enjoy themed drinks, and take in dynamic content. A seamless layer of multimedia and spatialized sound accommodates multiple viewpoints, ensures illusion from every angle, and fosters an emotional relationship between the guests and their surroundings.

Under Moment Factory’s creative direction, Tétris Design & Build were responsible for the production and installation of the Hotel’s scenographic elements.

“Grand Magic Hotel is a unique project in Europe, made possible because of Moment Factory’s genius ability to translate the owner’s expectations into images and sensations. Tétris is happy and proud to have accompanied Moment Factory in this project,” says Dominique Barlaud, Director of the Tétris Design & Build hotel division.

The decor of these reinvented spaces was taken up by Maison Numéro 20, who added vivid colour and additional elements designed to facilitate deep immersion. For its founder, Oscar Lucien Ono, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“When a space and a decor come to life because of new technology, as they do at the Grand Magic Hotel, it’s an extraordinary experience that transports you and takes you off the beaten path.”

Technical sheet

The entire Hotel space is equipped with a sophisticated technical system:

  • 44 Terabytes of content 
  • More than 275 million pixels of video content in The Grand Hall
  • More than 33 million pixels of video content in the Lobby 
  • 120 x 55-inch Samsung HD LED screens 
  • 8 85-inch HD LED screens 
  • 2 HD video projectors 
  • 110 Frenetik fixtures 
  • 148 RGBW Chauvet fixtures