There’s no place like home: Les Versants

Located in Bromont in the Eastern Townships, close to the mountain and ski slopes, Les Versants is a two-storey residence that is part of a traditional picket fence style condominium complex.

James Brittain Photography

The interior, designed in the 2000’s, had little visual, spatial or aesthetic relationship with the exterior creating a sense of contrast and disconnectedness between the interior and exterior. 

Designed by Architecturama, the project’s primary goal was to improve the functionality and comfort of the residence. The proposed approach unifies and amplifies the spatial perception and responds to the challenges with simple and ingenious interventions.

James Brittain Photography

Inspired by the exterior context and the needs of the clients, who wished to have a casual and relaxing environment for themselves and their guests, the concept is centered on light and the possibilities offered by retractable panels, whose porosity is adjustable, to modulate in a refined way the interior – exterior relationship according to the desired ambiances, needs for intimacy, activities, etc.

Louvers, whose aesthetics are both traditional and contemporary, cover the exterior walls of the main space. They are sliding (horizontally or vertically) modulating the openings and allowing exterior access through the French doors. In the double height space a unique system was designed specifically for the project. The louvers are coupled with opaque panels that act as counterweights and shade the upper windows. The elements slide vertically and are effortlessly operated manually using a system of pulleys and steel cables.

James Brittain Photography

Steel beams left exposed in the original design are reused and extended in a pattern of yellow strips that change their trajectory as they encounter planes or surfaces. The new aluminum wine rack, designed specifically for the space, is an extension of the yellow strips.
A particular shape (a truncated circle) is repeated in many of the objects designed for the project (furniture, rugs, Japanese steps and outdoor wood racks) accentuating the sense of continuity.

A series of custom-made mobile and stackable plywood furniture is distributed throughout the rooms and serve as benches, mini bookcases, bedside tables, etc.

The reconfigured mezzanine can be used for different functions, a curtain allows to close the space if needed.