IDC to students: “craft a submission that judges will love”

Advice for students preparing for the Innovation in Design Thinking – Student Competition

The potential of design to positively change and add value to our lives is the focus of this recognition.  

Entries may be concepts or innovative processes at any scale or in any sector. Submissions must clearly communicate the intended value to people, business, or society at large. 

Here are some helpful tips from past judges to help you prepare this year’s submission. 

Ask yourself the right questions throughout the submissions process

Think about:  

  • what is the value to users of the space? 
  • how was innovation part of the design process?  
  • in what ways was design thinking incorporated?  
  • what new considerations were taken?  
  • what are the innovative functions and features for space? 
  • what makes this project stand out?  

Show evidence-based design 

Back up your claims with facts, research, studies, or anecdotes that will demonstrate your project’s value of interior design and illustrate the positive impact of design on the users of the spaces. Explain how research findings were used as drivers for design decisions and planning. Based on the research collected, what kind of outcome is possible with this project, and why is it important? 

Clearly define your design concept

Try to avoid over explaining the concept of the space. Keep your descriptions clear and concise, and tie everything back to the design. Remember that a ‘design concept’ and ‘design approach’ require two separate answers.  

Connect images to text 

Your write-up should be reflected in and supported by your images, and vise versa. Remember to fully develop the design concepts in your images and in your text. The two should be clear and connected. 

Complete the full form, edit, and proofread 

Give yourself enough time to go over your submission form to ensure all fields are complete, there are no editorial errors, and then have a final proofread before submitting. It’s a good idea to have another person proofread your work before submitting. Submissions with easy to correct errors can be dismissed as sloppy.  

The deadline to submit entries to the competition is April 28, 2023, at 12 p.m. ET. 

IDC Student member(s) will be honoured at an awards celebration this fall. In addition, all winning projects will be profiled on IDC’s website, newsletter, and promoted on IDC’s social media channels. 

Learn more about the 2022 Student Competition winners.

Written and published by the Interior Designers of Canada