The Simple Life: Mulmur Hills Farm

Turkel Design created the Mulmur Hills Farm Home for successful entrepreneurs who sought contrast to their primary Toronto residence. Built on family-owned farmland, it allows the couple to host children and grandchildren and enjoy the property’s natural beauty.

Photo by Maxime Brouillet

Custom-designed moments throughout complement the family’s lifestyle. The prefabricated package uses materials such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) to reduce waste and promote sustainability. 

Perched on a low hill and overlooking agrarian buildings, rolling pasture, a pond, and the Mulmur Hills forest, the house rises serenely from a stand of white pines, establishing the edge between forest and pastureland.

The rooms open graciously out to both views and site, welcoming the free flow of breezes and movement. The warm, receptive, durable home is designed for fireside intimacy, connection with nature, and large holiday gatherings.

Photo by Maxime Brouillet

Relying on locally sourced woods, concrete, stone walls, and blackened steel accents, the house is refined, rustic, and simple.

The eleven-foot-tall space features exposed Douglas fir glulam beams, clear western cedar ceiling, walnut casework and millwork, and bluestone wood-burning fireplace. Lightwells bring balancing light from three directions. Operable glass walls create seamless transitions with the outdoors. Cabinetry moments include a bench with hidden LP player, a hidden mixology station, and a U-shaped island for family meal preparation.

Photo by Maxime Brouillet

The banquette promotes an intimate experience for breakfast and enjoying morning meadow views. Double- height space functions like a lightwell, bringing in light from multiple directions.

Separated by the great room from the more modest guest suite for privacy, the cantilevered primary suite provides privacy while offering views to south and east; includes a dressing area with oak cabinetry, and a large ensuite with dedicated tub nook. 

The library Includes built-in bookshelves and a reading couch and writing desk, and a lightwell that brings in light from above.  

The home also includes cantilevered space for yoga practice, with views from the living platform and floor; a media room, a light-filled family room, and a bathroom with sauna for easy access to pool and spa. Designed for enjoying sunsets, the screened porch is Inspired by the porch on the 150-year-old cottage shared by the extended family 100 yards away.