À Votre Santé!: Aubier Microbrasserie

Diane Blanchard

In a context where the rise of Quebec microbreweries is dazzling, but where the purchase of the product goes directly through grocery stores and specialized convenience stores, often far from the makers, design firm Atelier Filz thought it necessary to create a place, a den, dedicated to the new brand. A perfect opportunity to combine taste to the sensory experience.

The sapwood, “aubier” in French, is the part between the bark and the heart of the tree. Young and lively, it is fundamental to its growth. Like its name, the Aubier team wants to be part of the development of the city of Drummondville and infuse it with its dynamism and flavour. By transforming this former credit union (Caisse Desjardins) into a microbrewery/restaurant with an impressive Argentinian style bbq grill at its heart, their mission was to create a welcoming place for a business meeting, a group evening, a family dinner or a beer with friends.

The basic framework of the interior design is based entirely on the particular shape of the building. In harmony with the geometry of the facade, the circulation areas, the shape of the bar and the large bench seat accentuate the experience of the place by revealing the structure of the space. By engaging the dialogue between the facade and the interior space, Atelier Filz allowed itself to imagine a unifying place in connection with its neighbourhood and its people.

Diane Blanchard

Once inside, customers can choose from a variety of distinctive moods. The large, colourful banquette near the windows is enlivened by a more subdued experience, in contrast to the central area where the atmosphere lends itself to exchanges and festivities. Under the mezzanine, six seats face the kitchen where the chef and his team work. Drawing on the roots of the English pub, the bar nestles at one end of the space, overlooking the microbrewery. This is where you can discover the diversity of beers made on site.

Impossible for Atelier Filz not to elaborate the materiality around the wood. Inspired by the warm nostalgia of old pubs, the vigour of local microbreweries and cooking over maple wood embers, the design firm had to bring together all these different aspects that wood takes on in order to create an enveloping place, which connects with customers.

It is in this spirit that Atelier Filz assembled the light solid maple counters with woodwork in dark brown and black stains, contrasted by textured mineral ceramics, arranged in various types of pose. Bespoke green light fixtures catch the eye, as does the abundance of drooping plants above clients.