APDIQ celebrates 20th anniversary with new logo

The Professional Association of Interior Designers of Québec recently unveiled its brand new logo at its annual general meeting in May.

The association is celebrating its 20th anniversary under the name APDIQ. From its conception in 1933 to its launch in 1935, the association has evolved and transformed to support the interior design profession, and has changed its name to reflect its changes.

The last transformation took place in February 2003, during the transition from the Society of Interior Designers of Québec (SDIQ) to the Professional Association of Interior Designers of Québec (APDIQ).

“The APDIQ, after 20 years of existence, is in the process of becoming an adult. To celebrate this transition, we are giving it a new logo; a refreshed, current image, but above all, imbued with what we are and what we are aiming for,” says Marie-Claude Parenteau-Lebeuf, general manager of the association.

“Evolution and not revolution, the new logo was created with the premise of demonstrating the association’s openness and professionalism,” adds Danielle Lamarre, Marketing-Communication Director.

The clearly identified “D” and “I” in a different colour from the rest of the logo emphasizes the profession of interior design. The openings made in the letters demonstrate the openness and access to the association that the Board of Directors wants to be more inclusive.

It also suggests lines of plans, which are essential in the profession of interior design. The contemporary typeface affirms the association’s desire to look to the future and raise standards even higher, thus inspiring confidence in its ability to meet the needs of its members and the entire design community for many more years.