The Goods: Office Seating

Versatile office seating collections meant to cater the hybrid working module that combine modern and refined aesthetics along with comfort.

Photo courtesy of Allseating

Res | Allseating

This new seating solution, designed in partnership with modus ID, combines thoughtful, modern aesthetics and a variety of adaptable features which make it suitable for offices, collaborative spaces, educational institutions and more.

Res comes with a lower shelf that helps to free up the work surface, hooks for coats and bags, a cup holder and a front access storage in the base of the unit that provides a secure location for personal belongings.

Photo courtesy of Allseating

“Educational institutions are increasingly veering toward a learning experience that is based on the principles of active learning, with schooling in multipurpose rooms and small group settings becoming widespread,” said Paul Vendittelli, president of Allseating.

“Res offers a unique hybrid design that combines elements of comfortable lounge seating with that of focused elements in seating to meet the needs of today’s modern student while being mobile and adaptable to provide a more flexible seating option that the traditional, lecture-based format lacks.”

Photo courtesy of Herman Miller

Asari Chair | Herman Miller 

Herman Miller and Tokyo-based designer Naoto Fukasawa have introduced the Asari Chair — a new chair that combines the elements of sophistication and comfort. Inspired by organic forms found in nature, Asari’s name translates to “clam” in Japanese and serves as a metaphor for the shape of the chair’s back.

A total of eight color flood options accentuate the form and feature one hue across the base, arms, and chair body. Along with bespoke blended options also being available, there are more than 180 color combinations available to contract customers.

Photo courtesy of Herman Miller

“The evolution of work means the needs for spaces both at home and the office have transformed,” said Ben Watson, president, Herman Miller.

“Asari, created with visionary designer Naoto Fukasawa, delivers what today’s workers need through intuitive adjustment, new leather and fabric offerings, clean aesthetic, and ergonomic performance.”