Continental wins award for surface solution using coffee grounds

(Photo source: Continental)

Continental’s surface specialists were recently awarded with the European Green Award 2023 for skai VyP Coffee; a synthetic leather which was achieved through the reuse of coffee grounds.

Propelled by patented laif technology, this breatheable upholstery material aims to elevate comfortability amidst conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, and prolonged sitting durations. Its impact is particularly evident in establishments like hotels, restaurants, and cafés, where extended periods of rest are common.

Photo source: Continental

With Germany generating a million tons of coffee grounds yearly, Continental repurposes them, reducing waste and greenhouse gases. Over 65 per cent of conventional chemicals in skai VyP Coffee are replaced by renewable components, with CO2-neutral energy powering production. The product’s minimal carbon footprint further bolsters its overall positive environmental impact.

Skai VyP Coffee (Photo source: Continental)

The European Green Award celebrates outstanding accomplishments by companies and individuals, recognizing eco-friendly products, innovative designs, and sustainable initiatives. It acknowledges change-makers propelling European sustainability progress, facilitated by the European Institute of Applied Sustainability (EIAS).

Photo source: Contintental

The award recognizes Continental’s commitment to regional production, using 100 per cent renewable energy and decreasing CO2 emissions by 70 per cent. Equitable working conditions also distinguish Continental’s holistic sustainability approach.