The Goods: Doors

Doors in a variety of finishes that provide versatility and charm to interior designs.

System One | FritsJurgens

FritsJurgens has introduced the innovative System One pivot hinge, which showcases a slender, compact pivot hinge that facilitates swinging for pivot doors. Its versatility allows for use in both single- and double-acting doors and incorporates all essential pivot door components, including the pivot mechanism, floor plate, ceiling plate, and top pivot.

Photo credit: FritsJurgens

Standing at a height of 18mm, the System One pivot hinge occupies less than half the space of its predecessor and integrates into a one-inch profile. Despite its compactness, it can support doors weighing up to 1,100 pounds. The hinge’s 32mm width ensures compatibility with pivot doors measuring 1-3/4″ in thickness, regardless of size or material, all while maintaining a discreet and concealable floor plate.

System One also comes equipped with a magnetic cover plate, available in brushed stainless steel or PVD black, harmonizing with the top pivot’s aesthetics.

Air | Rimadesio

Italian luxury furniture brand Rimadesio has introduced Air, crafted under the creative direction of Giuseppe Bavuso. This assortment showcases innovative and harmonious design solutions and introduces new architectural perspectives on furnishings, enhancements to existing product lines, and refined finishes.

Photo credit: Rimadesio

“The main theme of the flagship store’s new look is a desire for brightness, using colors inspired by nature, starting with the lime-colored floor and walls: a vision in line with Rimadesio’s philosophy of a house full of light and a wish to play with and enhance the concept of lightness and transparency,” said Bavuso.

Suit | Albed

Albed’s latest Suit collection introduces a versatile range of interior doors, featuring both classic casement and pivot opening systems, with options extending from floor to ceiling up to 3,000 mm in height. These doors can be configured in numerous ways to seamlessly integrate with interior designs.

Photo credit: Albed

The door panel boasts a metal core and a frame constructed from the same material. This frame allows for the incorporation of cladding, up to 6 mm thick, that can be flush-mounted on both sides. This versatility allows the door to be personalized with various surfaces, including ceramics, marble, wood, or other materials.

The specially designed hinges, capable of facilitating openings up to 180° when pulled and 90° when pushed, are engineered to support the door’s substantial weight and enable coplanar installation to one side of the wall.

Suit also offers the option of having the front and back of the door panel finished in the same material or with different materials. The door panel also offers frames in seven distinct finishes and a wide range of handles from the Albed catalog, with or without locking mechanisms.