The Goods: Office Environments pt. 1 – Gather ‘Round

Intentionality and authenticity are appearing as key factors in designing for the younger generations, especially in the office. The same will hold true for the furniture that will fill those spaces.

With Gen Z projected to make up a third of the workforce by 2025 (Manpower Group, 2023 Workforce Trends Report), and older generations retiring later, designers, facility managers, and other specifiers must cater to an expanding community with diverse needs and expectations. Human connection, well-being, and consistent comfort have emerged as priorities for both younger generations looking to establish smart habits and older generations seeking physical longevity as well as a vibrant and active career. As a result, there is a demand for spaces and products that offer opportunities to connect and collaborate while also allowing users to accommodate their personal wellness goals and feel more balanced.

“When the two concepts of intentionality and authenticity are applied to workplace design, the result is an environment that encourages meaningful collaboration, camaraderie, and the organization’s key values, as well as the unique identities of its employees,” says Laura Leung, WELL AP and Designer at IA Architects. “Intentionality and authenticity are catalysts for each other at the heart of an organization.”

Flote | Hightower

Inspired by both the comfort and memories of a classic pool float, this seating collection nabbed the Best of Competition distinction at this year’s Best of NeoCon Awards and caught the jury’s attention for features like chunky zipper detailing, double-needle stitching options, and ‘hotdog’ welting.

Beam | Nienkämper

Designed by Kenny Ngyen, the fully upholstered rounded seating elements rest on an exposed wood beam through the center (hence the name). Available as a single lounge chair or two and three-seater, with the option of adding table elements, the low, compact footprint is well-suited to lobbies, breakout rooms, and lounges.

La Duna | Martin Brattrud

The distinctive privacy screen mounted to the back of this new upholstered banquette and lounge series is made from natural caning and gently diffuses light while obscuring the view, creating a bit of intimacy. The screen can also be customized with perforated metal and a variety of powder coat colours.

Vida Collection | Davis Furniture

Notably the first female designer to release a collection with the U.S.-based furniture manufacturer, Hanne Willmann’s table series features a distinctive solid-steel powder-coated base contrasted against a thin profile top available in ash, oak and walnut veneers, standard laminates as well as Fenix Innovative Materials in a range of hues.

Lumber | Mizetto

Designed by ADDI, the Swedish firm’s upholstered debut is a versatile soft beam for leaning, lingering or loitering – any place where conventional seating falls short. Upholstered with flame retardant wool and featuring removable, repairable, and exchangeable covers, Lumber’s dynamic design suits various spaces and functions, offering mobility, adaptability, and expressive functionality.