Dulux and SICO paint brands unveil choices for 2024 Colours of the Year

While different in name, the colour choices are the same: a modern take on honey beige.

“Satin” by SICO Paint by PPG (Image source: SICO Paint by PPG)

DULUX and SICO by PPG recently unveiled their selections for the 2024 Colour of the Year.

SICO’s selection, called “Satin,” is a contemporary shade of yellow that is a versatile choice for both interior and exterior design. It can serve as a dominant colour or complement both warm and cool tones. Paint experts suggest using Satin on all four walls or as a bold ceiling or focal point colour. In the kitchen, it works well for cabinetry, and pairs well with various countertop tones.

Satin can also create a cozy ambiance with chestnut brown accents or a bright, fresh look with white accents or wood trim. When applied to exteriors, it can make front doors pop, especially when paired with cooler-toned palettes.

“As a society, we’re carrying the lessons of introspection and the importance of calm into the future. Coupled with a renewed sense of excitement for the endless possibilities of the future, consumers’ preferences are shifting away from stark, cool shades and looking to colours that invigorate a space,” said Martin Fuchs, PPG senior marketing manager, Sico paint brand. “Satin is the perfect representation of these sentiments with its cheerful yellow base grounded in a calming beige undertone.”

DULUX by PPG has chosen “Limitless” as its 2024 Colour of the Year. This yellow-beige shade which is a modern twist on a neutral tone, also works with both warm and cool hues.

“Limitless” by DULUX Paints by PPG (Image source: DULUX Paints by PPG)

“Across the globe, we’re seeing design preferences shift from stark, cool-toned shades to those more reflective of cultural optimism coming to the forefront. This translates into an affinity for warm-toned shades that are both soothing, yet elevated,” said Mitsu Dhawan, PPG brand manager Dulux paint. “There’s a growing focus on creativity, holistic well-being and acceptance. From a colour perspective, this comes to life in a preference shift to calming shades that inspire feelings of happiness and goodwill; Limitless is the perfect embodiment of this sentiment.”

“The resurgence of optimistic colours will take us into a new era of home design that is closely aligned with a cultural focus on well-being, finding calm in a chaotic world and breaking free from convention,” adds Dhawan.