The End of an Era: The newly transformed Design Exchange

For over two decades, the Design Exchange (DX) was known as the epicentre of the design industry culture in Toronto before transforming into Canada's first fully immersive event venue.

Photo credit: The Design Exchange

The Design Exchange (DX), located in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District, recently underwent a transformation to become the first dedicated fully immersive event venue in Canada.

Since its inception, DX was known for its mission to promote the value of design. It was also an internationally recognized non-profit education organization with a commitment to promoting awareness of design and the role it played in fostering economic growth and cultural vitality.

Photo credit: The Design Exchange

Built in 1937 as the original Toronto Stock Exchange, the DX was once known to many as the epicentre of the design industry culture in Toronto. With a legacy spanning over two decades, the now renovated 40,000 square foot space previously served as a hub for the RBC Canadian Emerging Designer Competition, annual parties, expos, festivals and exhibitions.

Prior to that, the space also operated exclusively as a design museum, which many people in the design community mourned the loss of when the institution ceased operation in 2019. Following this closure, DX’s focus turned towards a biennial festival called Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology (EDIT), which was hosted in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme.

Photo credit: The Design Exchange

The newly transformed event space features various modern interior upgrades that aimed to preserve the building’s historic elements while adding a modern atmosphere with the contemporary re-design. The most exclusive new feature of the venue is Canada’s first dedicated fully immersive projection mapping system which features 45-foot tall by 230-foot projections.

“The contemporary renovation of the Design Exchange pays homage to its iconic architectural heritage
while harmonizing it with the new fully immersive environment, state-of-the-art in-house AV from CCR,
exquisite catering and service, and dedicated vendor partners to help bring any vision to life,” said Sebastien Centner, founder & creative director of Eatertainment Events.

Photo credit: The Design Exchange

“The immersive boom is revolutionizing live experiences, and with innovations like the MSG Sphere leading the way, we are going to see the event landscape change dramatically as venues like The Design Exchange offer in-house and turn-key projection mapping at a fraction of what it used to cost to create these types of environments.”

The Design Exchange is located at 234 Bay Street in Toronto, and is now accepting bookings through F24.