The Goods: Textiles

These new textile collections aim to prioritize connection, self-care, and mental and physical wellness.

Photo Credit: HBF Textiles

Deep Connections | HBF Textiles

Deep Connections, the newest collection from HBF Textiles, aims to embody the textures and tones that nature offers. The collection is about perceiving the delicate intricacies within shadows, the layers of organic patterns, and understanding their interplay with light.

Agate Stripe (Photo Credit: HBF Textiles)

The collection features three designs including Agate Stripe, a pattern that is woven as a cut and features uncut velvet epingle construction to provide a luxe texture and Moody Moss, a textural fabric with a pin curled surface that aims to portray the density of a moss carpeted forest.

Moody Moss (Photo Credit: HBF Textiles)

The third design in the collection is called Tessellations, which is composed of patterns found in nature with repeating shapes and no overlaps or gaps.

Tessellations (Photo Credit: HBF Textiles)

Ritual | Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering  has introduced Ritual, their newest textile collection designed by Linsay Bittinger. The collection was created with an aim to channel the positive impact that rituals have on mental and physical wellness.

Ritual collection (Photo credit: Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering)

The new collection features a range of eight designs including Glassworks, Expression, Pixelate, Artisanal EPU, Vanish, Witzel CV, Charette and Gradient Grid, all of which include woven and coated textiles and privacy curtains.

Ritual collection (Photo credit: Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering)

“Self-care and wellness have been newly prioritized as a result of the pandemic, and this collection celebrates the positive impact that rituals can have in those areas,” said Shantel McGowan, vice president of Textile Design at Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering.

“The textiles bring an elevated take on comforting design. Whether installed in healthcare environments to enhance a space’s sense of calm for healing patients or in a workplace where team building and productivity abound, we’re excited to see how these textiles introduce a sense of calm and well-being to interiors.”