The Goods: Wall Sconce

These new collections are a union of material and geometric contrasts that cast a dynamic play of light and shadow.

Photo credit: Luminaire Authentik

Onyx | Luminaire Authentik

Luminaire Authentik, which is known for its Canadian handmade designs, recently announced the launch of its new Onyx collection in which the design team worked with craftsmen to transform Mexican stones into lighting fixtures. The collection was inspired by biophilic design and combines raw stone with a “sculptural and timeless style.”

“The Onyx collection aligns with our vision to develop products with innovative and creative designs,” said Maude Rondeau, founder and president of Luminaire Authentik. “Each luminaire is like a work of art, and is unique and distinctive due to the texture and natural colour of each stone, carefully selected and cut.”

Photo credit: Luminaire Authentik

This collection features a selection of wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, and pendants and is offered in five different tones including white, dark amber, light amber, rust, and barista.

Glyph | RBW

New York based lighting manufacturer, RBW, and Canadian design duo, Yabu Pushelberg, have introduced a new sconce collection crafted from aluminum and inspired by the simplicity of glyphs, which are symbols that “compact meaning into a minimal graphic form.”

Photo credit: RBW

Glyph is made up of of two vertical panels joined at 90 degrees that form two halves of a whole. The sconce, which is illuminated by an LED-based lighting component, has the ability to be oriented horizontally or vertically.

Photo credit: RBW

Glyph comes in four finishes which include Emerald, Luster, Glimmer, and Natural, which were all selected for their richness and versatility.