Strip Joint, Calgary

Amanda Hamilton Interior Design, Calgary

Photography by Joel Klassen

This 2,200-sq.-ft. eatery is a visual riot. Bold colour blocking, geometric and curvilinear shapes, vibrant neon lights, terrazzo accents, and multicoloured acrylics converge to create a tableau that is as energized as the food. In a fiercely competitive fast-casual market, the key was to stand out, so the designers sought to craft a space that embodied irreverence, captivated patron’s attention, inspire return visits and grab as many Insta posts along the way as possible. The space accommodates both dine-in and take-out customers through a well-thought-out pickup system that doesn’t disrupt the dine-in experience. Aesthetically, the interior’s not-so-subtle design elements play off the name, employing Pantone colours, custom wallpapers and brand-inspired neons. The entire space serves as both canvas and wayfinder, guiding patrons to the ordering area. Coloured lighting adds depth and character, while custom furniture blends playfulness with sculptural chic. This space is more than a restaurant; it’s a conversation-worthy visual playground that embodies the brand’s identity.