Daphne, Toronto

Studio Paolo Ferrari, Toronto

Photography by Joel Esposito

Billing itself as “a contemporary reimagining of the quintessential American bistro,” the restaurant experience unfolds as a series of visual narratives. This sprawling establishment, divided into distinctive rooms, manages to pull off being both intimate yet grandiose, balancing eccentricity with sculptural elegance. Upon arrival, a transparent full-height wine cabinet hints at the dining rooms beyond. The voluminous Great Room, with its vaulted ceilings and dynamic open kitchen, radiates sophistication and energy. Guests witness the culinary spectacle, from plate finishing to prep, akin to a gracious home hosting. The Drawing Room, adorned in colour-blocked elegance, conceals surprises like pencil drawings and botanical-inspired pendants. A mirrored corridor, adorned with hand-painted landscapes, leads to the artistic bar, evoking the lushness of a conservatory, while custom-designed furniture and lighting all add to what can almost be called a movie scene and that relies heavily on inspirations drawn from art, architecture, and photography.