Fahey et associés, Montréal

blanchette archi.design, Montréal

Photography by Alex Lesage

For Fahey et associés, a client specializing in landscape architecture and urban planning, blanchette archi.design created a new Montréal headquarters based, appropriately, on the concept of urbanity. Throughout the project, a unified vision of minimalist custom furnishings and wall treatments speaks loud and clear. Dominating the reception area are two monolithic monochrome volumes: a reception desk made of black granite quarried in Saint-Henri-de-Taillon (five hours to the northeast) backed by a cove-lit arched bulkhead clad in stainless-steel sheets. The sequence of enclosed offices hints at garage doors and wooden sheds in an alleyway. Light and airy bookcases reference scaffolding. In the kitchen/dining area, the plants and blocky tables and stools reminiscent of outdoor furniture signify a metaphorical park. Curving, lowered ceiling heights at the threshold of this area and the design studio exemplify “the urban interstice.” Workstations are democratically deployed along the building’s perimeter, offering employees access to natural light and panoramic views of the Old Montréal neighbourhood, the St. Lawrence River and distant mountains.