FH Farmhouse, Toronto

Denizens of Design, Toronto

Photography by Scott Norsworthy

Confounding stereotypes of the fast casual salad restaurant — acid-green accent walls, clinical white counters and loud graphics — Denizens of Design delivered a new, different and fitting concept for their client. The as-found space was a wedding chapel inside a heritage property; now it’s a farm-to-communal-harvest-table eatery evoking rural life. Filled with greenery, the oak-sheathed space has a neutral palette that focuses attention on the merchandise. The soothing and comforting motif of the arch recurs, found in the low curving bulkhead delineating the entry zone, the fluted pilasters framed the passage to the back-of-house area and in the red-oak ceiling in the dining area that curves down to meet the service bar. Retail display millwork features curved oak veneer headers paired with rough-sawn reclaimed oak posts, playing off traditional and modern woodworking techniques. The custom wood door to the washrooms, evoking a submarine hatch, and the communal harvest table with curved legs, flanked by backless round stools, further riff on the curve theme.