Glaze, Toronto

Kilogram Studio, Toronto

Photography by Scott Norsworthy

In this adaptive reuse project, a century-old car garage was transformed into a doughnut shop where the oozing mortar in the joints of the concrete-block service counter looks good enough to eat. The gelatinous mortar evokes the cream-filling inside the sweet leavened fried-dough treats in the brightly coloured packages marching along the counter surface. These little bags stand out as the only bold hues in the otherwise monochromatic though highly textured space, apart from the Day-Glo red Order and Pick-up lettering on the rippled-glass screens that direct customers to the service counter. (Note to the Color Marketing Group: Toronto, always a stronghold of white, taupe and bone, has gone on a desaturation bender.) White LED circles in the glass screens reflect off the stainless-steel countertops, shelves, frames and mirror at the entryway. The exposed pebbly aggregate of the polished-concrete floor, in turn, is the metaphorical glace fruit in a mille-feuille dessert. DL