Google Montréal, Montréal

iN STUDIO, Toronto

Photography by Gillian Jackson

The floor plans for Google Montréal show clusters of workstations efficiently occupying five storeys of a Montréal office building including the 13th floor. There are no unusual stands out here except that triskaidekaphobia is evidently not a thing in La Belle Province. The build-out, however, tells a different story. Through the choice of materials, details and use of Québecois and Indigenous artwork, each floor celebrates the history and culture of an iconic Montréal neighbourhood: Le Vieux Port, Chinatown or Little Italy. The art integrates with the large supergraphics on the walls and dropped ceiling sector that are the first thing one sees when leaving a stair or elevator. The supergraphics, in turn, figure in the inclusive wayfinding, which includes braille elements and high-contrast signage. In addition to meeting LEED Gold criteria, the project boasts filtered-water stations close to all work zones and workstations with natural light.