Judges’ Pick: Oort Collection

Creators of Objects, Toronto

Photography by Creators of Objects

Some scientists believe that floating beyond the edge of our solar system is a spherical shell of icy planetesimals. Named after the Dutch astronomer Jan Oort who proposed its existence in 1950, the Oort Cloud is a place where objects the size of mountains smash into each other creating comet-like debris or get pulverized into dust. This cosmic bumper-car arena was a point of inspiration for the designers who, in their words, “imagined these colourful objects being gently eroded over eons, as they travel amongst the cloud.”

Using resin as the material, which has been the studio’s focus for several years, the team experimented with roto-casting to make hollow forms that were also structurally sound. The result is a form that has a measured and polished exterior with smooth and graceful arcs embedded within the interior, capturing in solid form the story of how resin cures within a centrifugal motion: what the designers euphemistically refer to as “a universe captured in resin.” Small variances in the outcome give each piece an individual character, while the method of production is being expanded and applied to experiments in high end furniture design, such as larger vessels and lighting projects, making the tables merely the beginning of a design journey into uncharted space.

“I love this captivating and novel collection from Oort, especially the oversized rounded corners that facilitate the sparse use of resin to create hardy hollow geometric forms. The form is complemented elegantly by the light-play achieved through translucency, colour and, most importantly, the random undulating internal surfaces of the cavity. They bring to mind a sand polished glass fishing float washed ashore – a prized find.” — Jimmy Rogers, principal, 39 Design + Engineering Inc. / president, Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO)