Legacy Park Elementary School, Weyburn, Saskatchewan

1080 Architecture, Planning + Interiors, Regina | NumberTen Architectural Group, Winnipeg

Photography by Lindsay Reid Photography

This project’s mission was to merge three existing schools into a modern learning environment that cultivates an intimate and inviting atmosphere for 650 K-6 students. The solution divided the space into six neighbourhoods, each accommodating around 125 students. The classic children’s book The Giving Tree was a major design inspiration, evident in abstract leaf patterns on the media centre ceiling and cobblestone-inspired carpet tiles. Unique “cave” spaces, reminiscent of tree knots, offer cozy nooks for children to explore. An amphitheatre stair is designed for gathering, projects and performance, providing active space to contrast the more intimate ones. Environmental graphics feature a motif based on the Fibonacci triangle, creating captivating patterns and doubling as a teaching tool for geometry and fractals. Meticulous consideration of light and shadow patterns throughout the day and year guided the lighting design, and a thoughtful colour-coded scheme aids passive wayfinding, creating small communities within the larger school, fostering a sense of belonging.