Residence Y, Lac Écho, Québec

STGM Design, Montréal

Photography by Félix Michaud

The pivotal element at the heart of the house, named for the tripartite volumetric segmentation of its floorplan, is the double-height window framing a view of the Laurentian Highlands. Living areas extend toward the lake, their pervasive use of wood lending a warm ambiance. In addition to the wall cladding, wood is used for the exposed beams of the walkway and the staircase steps. These elements stand out with a slightly different hue from the pine paneling and harmonize with the white-oak cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets, integrated into the dark volume of the service block, are made of white oak lacquered with black paint. The island countertop’s stained white oak echoes the oak-plank flooring on the upper level and the white-oak bathroom vanities. Yes, the familiar comment about expansive window walls bringing the indoors out certainly applies, as does a more subtle device: Corridors lined with board-and-batten siding, associated with rustic outdoor cladding, face the windows. The interior’s nearly monochrome palette makes nature’s colour splashes outside even more eye-catching.