Science Complex – MIL Campus, Université De Montréal

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux | Lemay | NFOE Architectes, Montréal

Photography by Stéphane Brügger

This innovative facility, situated on the former Outremont marshalling yard, serves as both a hub for scientific research and a catalyst for the revitalization of its surroundings. The spatial composition of the public circulation is conceived as a ramification, connecting diverse spaces at various levels, including classrooms, labs, the library, and an agora, promoting interdisciplinarity and pedagogical innovation. A user-centric approach caters to the 2,400 daily occupants, resulting in adaptable, inspiring spaces. By linking Science and Education through a dynamic library, the design creates open, well-lit environments with panoramic views of the complex. The Science sector centres around a bustling atrium, while the Education pole integrates student cafes and gathering spots with the Science Library. Additionally, the layout encourages interdepartmental collaboration, fostering resource sharing. Transparent, accessible facilities include public spaces, amphitheaters, and an agora for conferences and symposia. This certified LEED Gold project redefines education and research environments, setting the stage for a vibrant academic community.