Shopify Ottawa Hubs, Ottawa

iN STUDIO, Toronto

Photography by Christian Lalonde

Consistent with many of their peers, Shopify is continuously improving their workspaces to better serve the needs of their employees and their clients. Although Shopifolk continue to work remotely, the Ottawa-based e-commerce firm collaborated with iN STUDIO to develop “hubs” within their Ottawa location to bring employees together for that much-needed live interaction. A series of hospitality vignettes create a comfortable, inviting environment that encourages staff to linger and socialize when they are onsite. With the removal of hundreds of workstations, large tech-enabled collaboration spaces were implemented across the floors and are surrounded by amenities that include a chill coffee shop, a trendy bar and a karaoke lounge. By transforming the workplace into a destination for social interaction, Shopify provides a venue for staff to escape their home offices and come together, supporting the “community culture” that has been key to their success.