Yuan Chinese Cuisine, Toronto

Dexign Matter Studio Inc., Richmond Hill, Ontario

Photography by Brian So

Step into a modern Chinese-style dining oasis, where the elegance of natural materials and the poetic essence of Chinese ink and wash painting converge. In the vestibule, walls are adorned with exquisite white veined black marble, chosen to mimic the gentle flow of a stream through a valley. Adjacent, a wood-finished accent wall houses a circular back-lit niche, where a wooden branch decor evokes the spirit of nature. At the heart of the space stands a bespoke counter, where a subtle green leaf silhouette is carved within rich black marble and backlit behind frosted glass, paying homage to traditional Chinese landscape painting. The expansive east and west walls serve as canvases for a monochromatic mural, reminiscent of ancient Chinese calligraphy, celebrating Chinese culture in a contemporary context. With a palette of neutral greys and rich walnut wood, this high-end modern Chinese restaurant exudes warmth and sophistication.