Schédio Spaces inspired by origami for custom seating solution

Ptychí combines beauty and practicality to enhance the seating experience in a Vancouver beauty salon.

The Ptychí by Schédio Spaces Inc. (Photo credit: Janis Nicolay)

The Ptychí, which means “to fold” in Greek, draws inspiration from the art of origami and is seemingly molded from a single, unbroken piece of wood.

Designed by Vancouver-based Schédio Spaces Inc., each fold and line in this seating solution has been intentionally designed and invites observers to explore both its visual and tactile intricacies.

The Ptychí by Schédio Spaces Inc. (Photo credit: Janis Nicolay)

“The piece is grounded and sturdy yet the use of negative space injects a feeling of lightness,” reads a release about the product, which aims to strike a balance between stability and lightness.

One of the Ptychí’s features is the way in which it plays with shadows. When light filters through the folds and contours of the product, it creates a juxtoposition of light and dark, making it an ever-evolving art piece that provides spaces with a sense of fluidity and transformation.

The folds also provide  comfort as each crease and contour aims to provide an ergonomic experience for relaxing during a service or by the pool.

The Ptychí by Schédio Spaces Inc. (Photo credit: Janis Nicolay)

The upholstery features custom eco-friendly cushions made with vegan leather and sustainably made memory foam that molds to the body’s shape. The cushions rest on top of a solid wooden base that provides support to complement the relaxing experience.

The Ptychí aims to be more than just a piece of furniture, but also an experience and place to unwind and enjoy life.