The Goods: Laundry

These compact and practical home laundry machines not only serve their purpose, but also make unique additions to indoor spaces.


ASKO x Maxim Kashin Architects (Photo credit: Dmitry Chebanenko)

Suprematism | ASKO x Maxim Kashin Architects

ASKO,  a Scandinavian manufacturer of premium household appliances, is known for their selection of white and titanium freestanding washing machine appliances that focus on clothing care.

In collaboration with architect Maxim Kashin, ASKO has released a limited edition laundry room in Moscow, decorated with his original suprematist pattern. An ASKO machine is currently on display in the limited edition laundry room, which features the suprematist pattern by Kashin. The pattern stems from an idea based on “the superiority of pure geometry and colour over established ideas about form and space.” The design also contains interweaving linear figures and shapes including squares and circles; all  of which are the basis of suprematist compositions.

The pattern also aims to be a modern interpretation of the ideology of the Russian avant-garde of the early 20th century and pays an homage to the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich.


UltraFast Combo Laundry Machine by Profile (Image source: Profile)

UltraFast Combo | Profile

Profile, a tech-forward appliance brand from GE Appliances, has recently introduced the UltraFast Combo, a two-in-one laundry machine that aims to save time and space washing and drying clothing in as little as two hours.

The UltraFast Combo also fits into small spaces like closets, kitchens or anywhere with a 120V outlet and water hookup with no exhaust vent required, making it a great option for rental homes or apartments.

Aside from being compact, it also features several energy-saving technologies such as a fast airflow drying system with high-speed, recirculated air that gently dries without high heat.