DesignTO Festival to showcase art, design and technology exhibitions

The 14th annual DesignTO Festival, will take place over the course of 10 days and feature over 100 free events.

Bartlett March Urban Design – Videogame Urbanism Student Exhibition, 2017
Photo credit: Image courtesy of ‘Ideas Forum: Architecture of Imagined Spaces’ speakers, You+Pea

The 14th annual DesignTO Festival, which is returning in January, is set to showcase more than 100 free events including window installations, tours, talks, and exhibitions by over 300 artists and designers across the City of Toronto.

DesignTO is a non-profit organization that curates exhibitions, presentations, and educational programming to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of design and is best known for the DesignTO Festival, Canada’s largest annual design festival.

Elsewhere Collective, ‘Crack in the Case’ installation, Nuit Blanche 2023
Photo credit: Image courtesy of ‘DesignTO Launch Party’ installation artists elsewhere Collective

This year’s festival will feature a variety of creative disciplines and will showcase the interconnectedness of art, design, technology, and culture, while reflecting the diversity of contemporary design.

The event will run for a total of 10 days and will include exciting projects featuring material and de-material explorations, a trip into the virtual worlds of artificial intelligence (AI) and videogames, studio tours, multidisciplinary conversations, product launches, parties, and artifacts from the past, present, and future of work.

Golden Beauty Supply
Photo credit: Image courtesy of ‘Golden Beauty Supply’ collaborators Ehiko Odeh & MCA Gallery

Nine exhibitions and events have been chosen that exemplify three pillars; joy, justice, and sustainability.

Joy will feature A room is a home, is a playground, a site-specific event led by Montreal/Toronto-based creative practice Studio Rat, and produced by Ace Hotel Toronto, the DesignTO Festival Launch Party at the Harbourfront Centre on Toronto’s waterfront and Lucid Ideas.

Lucid Ideas
Photo credit: Image courtesy of ‘Lucid Ideas’ exhibition partner Umbra

Justice will feature Golden Beauty Supply, featuring artist Ehiko Odeh, Ideas Forum: Architecture of Imagined Spaces organized in partnership with the Toronto Society of Architects and Urban Canvas: Empowering Youth Through Public Art and Creative Media.

Sustainability will feature Circular Living Lab which aims to act as an incubator for circular construction and urban mining in Toronto, DesignTO Talks: Dematerialized , DesignTO’s ninth annual symposium and Future Matters,  a multidisciplinary exhibition featuring the work of eight local and international designers and artists.

Circular Living Lab
Photo credit: Image courtesy of ‘Circular Living Lab’ participant Stephanie Mah, Giaimo Architects

The festival will take place both online and in-person at venues across the City of Toronto. While most events and exhibitions are free, some will require an RSVP or purchased tickets.

This year’s festival will run from January 19 to 28, 2024.