Going the Extra Mile: Main Street Chiropractic Office

The design of this chiropractic office aims to provide patients with a warm and cozy experience and differ from conventional doctor's offices.

Photo credit: Andrew Latreille

For this project, the design-oriented client and art collector wanted to provide patients with more than just a chiropractic appointment.

Photo credit: Andrew Latreille

Jassal Chiropractic in Vancouver was designed by Waissbluth Architecture Office (WAO) with the aim to offer an experience and design that was different from a traditional doctor’s office that can often be cold and lifeless.

To provide a strong contrast between the various functions of the office space, WAO used colour. Green was chosen for the waiting room and office entry, pink for the washrooms and kitchenette, and black for the private washrooms.

Attention to detail, including brass hardware was used to highlight the dark green colour and white oak wood. A gently curved corridor, also adds warmth to the space and creates an atmosphere that feels considered and design-forward as opposed to clinical.