Luxury through Artistic Flair: Entourage

Toronto-based Burdifilek is behind the design of a luxurious yacht that is also a sanctuary for relaxation and tranquility.

Main deck salon featuring a custom coffee table by Burdifilek. (Photo: Guillaume Plisson)

Toronto-based Burdifilek has dropped anchor on its first-ever yacht design. The 63-m. long Entourage, built by Damen Yachting, offers a sanctuary for tranquility that features a delicate balance between design and comfort.

An outdoor social lounge, with a custom-designed coffee table. (Photo: Guillaume Plisson)

“We wanted the exterior surrounding to start the visual dialogue with the interior environment, so embracing the language of marine design was the beginning of the narrative in the studio,” said Diego Burdi, creative director and founding partner at Burdifilek. “The initial impression is rather understated, and creating understated luxury was key during the design process.”

When stepping onto the main deck, guests will notice the interplay with nature, with floor-to-ceiling windows. The fumed-oak wall finishes complete the frame and cast a warm undertone throughout. Restrained curves also add an element of gentleness, which is complemented by curated furnishings. The furniture is custom-designed with a hint of blush and sand-coloured carpets that infuse colours and textures to elevate the contemporary classic interior.

Living and dining room in the main salon with expansive views of the ocean at sunsets. (Photo: Guillaume Plisson)

A staircase is visible through the passage which gives off an artistic expression. The walls are upholstered in soft leather and the bold metal core strikes an elegant balance. Indirect ceiling lights also fill the space, while the organic opening on the wall introduces a splash of colour which aims to infuse elements of surprise and playfulness.

The stateroom features a clean and bright ceiling that combines with headboard-on-tone leather-paneled walls and headboard to introduce softness to the room. The sea outside the window serves as a backdrop to the pastel, blue-toned furnishings which results in an interplay of textures, transparency, and degrees of sheen.

When ascending the staircase, the shifting landscape is revealed as a wooden ceiling. The layered ceiling planes create a sense of depth, while the interplay of lighting creates a soft luminosity.

The stairwell was designed to resemble an unravelling ribbon coming down from above. (Photo: Guillaume Plisson)

“A considered environment can’t be underestimated,” said Burdi. “At every state of the process, there was a commitment to a perfect level of execution from everyone involved.”

All functional components remain concealed and uncovering them creates a unique experience such as when the door of the cocktail bar opens. A deep blue colour blends with the adjacent wood finish, the soft leather panels and sleek luster of the lower counter create a juxtaposition and indirect lighting accentuates the contours of the leather.

The outdoor space reveals a welcoming lounge with custom-designed outdoor lounge furniture sitting on the bridge and sun deck. The soft curves of the pieces, draped in neutral-toned fabrics aims to create an inviting scene.

Upper deck dining and lounge with jacuzzi on the foredeck. (Photo: Guillaume Plisson)

“The importance of a dry finish pallet was paramount in order to not compete with the reflectivity of the surrounding waters,” said Burdi.

The interior of the lowermost guest room resonates with the boat’s form. The half-wall skin that follows its contours creates a cozy atmosphere and the interplay of curves and straight lines, combined with lighting, creates a sensation of a unique escape. The bathroom, finished in limestone, places an emphasis on design and the importance of form and aesthetics.

A journey to create this yacht posed a challenge for Burdifilek, and the outcome suggests a concept of luxury which can be seen through a new lens.

Technical sheet:

Project Name: Entourage – 6002 Witchcraft
Interior Design Firm: BURDIFILEK
Founder and Creative Director: Diego Burdi
Founder and Managing Partner: Paul Filek
Project Manager / Studio Director: Tom Yip

Design Team: John Seo, Michael Del Priore, Daniel Mei, Anna Jurkiewicz, Tina Entwistle, Yoonah Lee, Grace Eng

Model: Amels 6002
Exterior Design: Espen Oeino
Naval Architecture: Damen Yachting
Delivery Date: 2023
Photography: Guillaume Plisson
Area (interior only): 7115 square feet
Yacht Builder: Damen Yachting
Broker, Project & Charter Manager: Moran Yacht & Ship
Interior Fit Out Contractor: MVS & Associates S.A.
Yacht Supply Services: National Marine Suppliers
Accessories Procurement: Dahlgrenduck
Custom Carpeting: Creative Matters

Lighting Consultant: Marcel Dion Lighting Design