Upscale Branding Shines Through Architectural Lighting in New Salon

Artemys, a new hair salon in Montréal, Québec, enlisted the expertise of Studio Kiff to craft a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere with architectural lighting.


artemys (Photo credit: Alex Lesage)

Artemys, a new hair salon in an up-and-coming neighbourhood just outside the downtown core in Montréal, Québec, hired the team at Studio Kiff to create a high-end yet comfortable and inclusive environment with architectural lighting.

Lighting demands vary for hair salons and include general illumination, task lighting and decorative lighting. According to Rachel Bussin, co-founder at Studio Kiff, balancing all of these requirements was one of the most challenging aspects of the design. Since the new retail space also had very large windows, the selected lighting would have to complement the changing levels of natural light throughout the day and evening.

“There are many functional pieces to a salon,” said Bussin. “Flow, hierarchy of the space, and how you move through it was very important to us. And we wanted to use lighting to help define the different areas of the salon.”

The Studio Kiff team selected Eureka luminaires for the essential task lighting with one of the most distinctive choices being the Lily luminaire. A single white pendant is suspended over each of the five hairstyling chairs and provides  illumination over the space.

artemys (Photo credit: Alex Lesage)

“While most spotlights are smaller and pointed, Lily has a nicer, softer, larger face, which was very different than anything else we could find on the market,” said Bussin.

The luminaire’s aesthetic, while fun and atypical for a salon environment, is also highly functional and features a friction hinge mounted at the center, which enables the hairstylist to orient the fixture both horizontally and vertically.

Artemys also offers some esthetic services to its clients and contains two identical manicure stations that are set off to one side, each of which are illuminated with a Henri pendant. The designers selected a white finish in order for the minimalist luminaire to blend into the white aesthetic.

artemys (Photo credit: Alex Lesage)

Eureka’s Outline luminaires are suspended over sinks and pedicure chairs where. While the pendant makes a graphic statement in each area, stylists and estheticians can also benefit from uniform light while they work as a result of glare-control rings in the lens of each projector.

“We required high-performance architectural lighting in those spaces because the quality of light was critical,” said Bussin. “We also liked Outline’s aesthetics. It has a nice contrast to other design elements in the space.”

artemys (Photo credit: Alex Lesage)

Bussin also noted that hair salons are places of significant motion and that staff and clients frequently move through and around stations. As a result, she appreciated that the suspension cables, for Lily and Henri in particular, were designed to stay in place despite all the activity.

Technical sheet:
Project Name: artemys
Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Project completion: May 2023
Interior Design: Studio Kiff
Eureka Agent: edp
Photographer: Alex Lesage