APDIQ partners with CORPIQ to help meet demand for professionals in renovation of rental spaces

To tackle the need for more design industry professionals, the Association professionnelle des designers d'intérieur du Québec (APDIQ) is teaming up with the Corporation des propriétaires immobiliers du Québec (CORPIQ).

The Association professionnelle des designers d’intérieur du Québec (APDIQ) has just signed a partnership agreement with the Corporation des propriétaires immobiliers du Québec (CORPIQ) which aims to navigate the need for more professionals in the renovation and design of rental spaces.

CORPIQ, a non-profit organization, supports, defends and offers services and tools to rental property owners throughout Québec. With over 40 years’ experience and a membership of more than 30,000 owners and managers, CORPIQ is the largest landlord association in Canada.

The APDIQ, a non-profit organization, supports, promotes and represents its professionals and their practices. The association, which oversees the rigorous supervision of the profession, has set a goal of developing the professional skills of interior designers and offering its 800 members greater outreach throughout Québec.

The two associations have signed a partnership and visibility agreement to enable CORPIQ members to benefit from the rich and qualified pool of talent within APDIQ, and thus meet the growing need for professionalization in the renovation and layout of rental spaces.

By hiring an interior designer who is a member of APDIQ, homeowners can be sure of working with a professional who possesses all the required skills thanks to a recognized educational background, someone who is aware of changes in the industry, standards and legislation, and who relies on a mandatory continuing education program throughout the year.

Additionally, homeowners can be confident knowing that the individual is a professional who complies with the association’s by-laws and code of ethics and has the professional tools needed to practice his or her profession.

This agreement is in line with a broader perspective aimed at the financial and sustainable development of Québec.