Caesarstone releases trend report exploring impacts of design on everyday life

A report released by Caesarstone offers a profound exploration of design and aims to be a resource for professionals of all experience levels.

Photo credit: Caesarstone

Caesarstone has released its first-ever Beyond the Surface report that delves into design trends and aims to serve as a resource for both design amateurs and professionals.

The report is an exploration of how design should be an authentic reflection of its creators and was authored by the “Caesarstone Circle,” a design advisory panel of industry experts.

“At Caesarstone, we believe the space in which we surround ourselves can have a profound effect on emotional health, productivity, and social connection” said Ken Williams, president and CEO Caesarstone The Americas. “As an industry-leader, we continually strive to deliver thought-provoking design inspiration. As a result, Beyond the Surface aims to provide a comprehensive look at how culture and design trends are shaping how we create the environments where we live, work and play.”

In the fall of 2023, Caesarstone hosted a  group of North America’s most talented designers, content creators, and lifestyle experts at the flagship Design Center in Charlotte. This gathering formed the Caesarstone Circle.

Photo credit: Caesarstone

Over the course of two days, the Caesarstone Circle participated in a session that covered a range of topics including the
emotive power of colour, how to embrace AI for planning, the cyclical nature of fads, the future of sustainability, and cultural impacts in the design industry.

Beyond the Surface draws on the panelists’ experiences in hopes of offering a deeper understanding of how different
influences “ignite imagination” and “foster emotional connections without sacrificing functionality.”

The report examines themes such as how changes in family composition and dynamics influence home layouts and flow. Other themes include Colour Is a Power Which Directly Influences The Soul, The Era Of AI, How Not To Be Trendy, Design For Good,  Cultural Impacts On Design and How To Get Started.

Caesarstone Circle advisory panel members include interior designer, Brian Brown, milennial lifestyle influencer, Joy Green, influencer and blogger, Camille Styles, design directo for Mason Studio, Marti Gallucci, product and furniture designer, Kickie Chudikova, VFA Architecture and Design, Vanessa Fong and kitchen and bath designer, Matthew Quinn.