Ecologically-focussed installations showcase unique take on conservation challenges

A series of five artworks by Kelly Nunes include various rooms that aim to connect visitors with nature while putting a focus on healing and wellbeing.

Photo credit: Clara Lacasse

Kelly Nunes is presenting The Celestial Cycle, a series of five artworks commissioned by Age of Union founder Dax Dasilva over the course of 10 years, now including Earth Room, Sun Room, Moon Room, Glacier Cave, and Black Hole Room.

Nunes’ artworks focus on themes of care and emphasize the “therapeutic impact of nature immersion” while also addressing the “evolving discourse on healing and well-being.”

Nunes’ series also aims to nurture reconnection with nature’s healing qualities. The works aim to catalyze climate action. According to Dasilva, “each space transcends conventional boundaries, compelling us to reassess our relationship with the environment, unlocking the intrinsic value of nature and igniting a collective call to conservation action.”

The series includes the following works.

Glacier Cave 

Visitors will be able to feel the sensation of being within a cracking and thawing glacier which is rendered with a play of post-consumer plastics, responsive lights and soundtrack.

Glacier Cave. Photo credit: Clara Lacasse

Earth Room

A live plant garden and post-consumer paper structures aim to immerse visitors in earthly creature poses which are complemented by sounds of isochronic tones, proven to lower stress hormones and relieve anxiety. This work is a collaboration with Nicolas Fonseca.

Earth Room. Photo credit: Olivier Blouin

Moon Room 

This work features a four-foot diameter sphere that is a rotating projection of the moon. It aims to enable new perspectives and sensations of reverence and diminutiveness.

Moon Room. Photo credit: Kevin Calero

Sun Room

This work is a collaboration with Adam Hummell and is a room meant for healing and meditation. It features a modulating light frequency sculpture, and is accompanied by Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp fixtures and a soundtrack tuned to therapeutic 432 hertz.

Sun Room. Photo credit: Clara Lacasse

Black Hole Room

This work features a multi-modal projection that supports generative video content driven by audio input and body tracking.

Black Hole Room. Photo credit: Kevin Calero

Certain pillars of the series embody and situate audiences in earthly contexts (Sun Room, Earth Room, Glacier Cave), while others aim to remind visitors of the importance of reflection and humility “in the fabric of something much more vast than ourselves” (Moon Room, Black Hole Room).

Full immersion in each piece enables visitors to reflect on nature’s need for conservation by presenting its most present force: The power to heal.

Glacier Cave, Earth Room, Sun Room, and Moon Room are on view for a limited time until March 16, 2024, at the Age of Union’s Earth Center in Montréal.