Humber College interior design students to present thesis projects at annual year-end show

The showcase, called Design ON/OFFLINE, will take place on April 25, 2024, and will feature a variety of projects by the graduating students of 2024 from Humber College's Bachelor of Interior Design (INTD) program.

The graduating students of 2024 from Humber College’s Bachelor of Interior Design (INTD) program are currently getting ready to present and share the culmination of the senior interior design thesis projects at the annual year-end show.

The event, called Design ON/OFFLINE, which will take place next month, will display a wide range of projects through the process of evidence-based design topics.

The senior thesis students are the first INTD class to have had to navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic throughout the program and transition from online to offline, in-person classes within four years.

As a result, the committee has developed the brand “Design Online/Offline” to represent the perseverance and dedication that has led up to this event.

“The efforts of the fourth-year INTD students do not go unnoticed in the research community, as they worked tirelessly through the thesis research papers, many of which are being published, and are supported by the development of final designs that employ the research findings,” reads a release about the showcase.

This show will begin its journey amidst the backdrop of screens, which are compelled by the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This group of students demonstrated resilience both in the “online” realm and within “offline” learning environments. By embracing the online portion of the program, the graduating class has also embraced the landscape of design’s future, while honouring the essence of offline learning.

The show will take place on April 25, 2024, at the Haworth Showroom, located at 55 University Ave. in Toronto.