IMM 2024: Kölle Alaaf! pt. 1

After weathering a few rounds with COVID and other macroeconomic issues besetting all trade shows, IMM is not only back, but also evolving.

The German furniture industry hammered by COVID was feeling the pinch in 2023, with an overall revenue decline of 3.4 per cent, and 8.6 per cent in the third quarter alone. Therefore, all eyes were on IMM to see how this trend would affect the show, now back in its traditional January timeslot.  The show’s theme of “Connecting Communities” was evident through a new hall structure called The Circle, showing how to bring people closer together, rather than how to separate. In addition, on display were the Pure Section; an exclusive high-end area that showcases stylish interior concepts and innovation; the Sleep Section showcasing designs aimed at a restful night’s sleep and a harmonious sleeping environment; and the Home Section, a global business platform for international manufacturer seeking access to the German market and showcasing furnishings to meet various needs.

Bridge | Tonone

Designed by Anton de Groof, Bridge is a bold light fixture available in three colour variations: Fog White, Lava Orange and Toxic Green and various lengths. Made from recycled plexiglass and inspired by bridges, it offers an impressive light output and allows for graphic interplay and experimentation. Its load-bearing capacity is evenly distributed along its length, eliminating visible power cables.

Canvas | Schönbuch

These customizable furniture pieces designed by Christian Haas come in different heights, widths and depths, and units can be combined with a variety of fronts in different colours and finishes. The options for doors, flaps, and drawers, along with different grips and subframe choices, allow for creative arrangements. The result is a unique piece of furniture that can be tailored to individual preferences.

 Pleated Partition Screen | Fenna van der Klei

A sculptural room divider made entirely out of textile, the carefully selected colour combinations create a sense of movement and optical illusions, thanks to the innovative “structural textile pleating” technique. Winner of the IMM Pure Talents Contest, this 100 per cent textile partition screen showcases a pioneering approach to sustainability, stiffening the textile without binders or adhesives.

Balast | Anton Defant
Designed by Anton Defant, this foldable sofa is a swiftly installed contemporary looking three-seater that has many possibilities for both a quick outdoor or indoor solution.

Nook | COR

Designers Jehs+Laub delve into the essence of the term “nook” with the aptly named sofa. With its inviting piping edge, luxurious depth, high back, rising armrests and lumbar cushions the Nook provides unwavering support, while a concealed slatted frame ensures lasting comfort.

Balaao Bed | Bretz

Designed by Pauline Junglas and named after the Portuguese word for “balloon,” the Balaao embodies softness and comfort. Its rounded foam and luxurious mohair cover create an inviting and infinitely cozy sleeping experience. Upholstered with premium foams that are meticulously molded, this handcrafted bed has no corners or edges, allowing dreams and reality to seamlessly merge.

Loya | Leolux

Design outfit Studio Truly Truly combine generous proportions with total softness by embracing a “soft mass” principle, transforming two-dimensional material into voluminous blocks. The slightly tilted arm- and backrests add warmth and charm. Expertly edged with saddle stitching, its customizable base materials add a personal touch.

Tavi Sideboard | Interlübke

A versatile sideboard program with open elements positioned on top, front, or side, it derives its name from the Slavic word for “placed.” Playful presentation surfaces alternate with closed fronts, inviting you to explore different levels of design.


As featured in the March/April 2024 issue of Canadian Interiors magazine.


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