IMM 2024: Kölle Alaaf! pt. 2

After weathering a few rounds with COVID and other macroeconomic issues besetting all trade shows, IMM is not only back, but also evolving.

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The German furniture industry hammered by COVID was feeling the pinch in 2023, with an overall revenue decline of 3.4 per cent, and 8.6 per cent in the third quarter alone. Therefore, all eyes were on IMM to see how this trend would affect the show, now back in its traditional January timeslot.  The show’s theme of “Connecting Communities” was evident through a new hall structure called The Circle, showing how to bring people closer together, rather than how to separate. In addition, on display were the Pure Section; an exclusive high-end area that showcases stylish interior concepts and innovation; the Sleep Section showcasing designs aimed at a restful night’s sleep and a harmonious sleeping environment; and the Home Section, a global business platform for international manufacturer seeking access to the German market and showcasing furnishings to meet various needs.

Soleide | Maxalto

Antonio Citterio’s collection of small tables are made with a die-cast aluminum base and a unique hammered mirror steel top. Available in various sizes, they make a striking addition to any space.

BC 07 Basket | Janua

This outdoor table with its intriguing and elegant boat-shaped tabletop takes its inspiration from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The wood lamellae ensure stability and weather resistance, preventing water pooling. The brushed chestnut wood surface adds allure, enhancing any outdoor space.

Mia Sofa | Freifrau

The dominant feature of Ilja Huber’s design are the adjustable backs and armrests resembling large cushions, and the modular construction allows for flexible adaptations to individual preferences and spaces.

Bellagio Collection | Milano 1964

Designers Ennio & Cesare Arosio attempted to embody the synthesis and harmony between Lake Como, the Lombardy hills, and the Alps with subtle, versatile, and distinctive shapes. Inspired by the magnificent panorama of its namesake, Bellagio, the collection showcases the richness of materials and seamlessly blends the natural, artificial, and inspirational.

S11 Sauna | Klafs

Klafs (who are currently entering the Canadian market) and design studio F. A. Porsche have collaborated on this avant-garde sauna cabin, which takes bathers on a sensory journey of warmth, light, colour, and sound. With different ceremonies and lighting moods, the S11 offers a deeply relaxing and immersive wellness experience.

Odda Carpet | Jan Kath

Designed by Jan Kath and hand-knotted in Kathmandu of hand-spun wool and silk, this carpet is inspired by the many colours of the northern lights, visible in winter months in the far north.

Hew | Parla

Designed by Goodrich Design New York, the Hew sofa features wedge-like wood legs that give the appearance of splitting the fabric apart. The design instills a sense of motion, with fabric wrapping in unbroken swaths over the arms, seat, and back, allowing for unique opportunities to play with directional fabric patterns. The elegantly carved wood pillars split apart the fabric, while the solid wood corners protect the upholstery, allowing for large scale patterns without worrying about seams.

Mobile Sauna | Emil Löber, Friedrich Gerlach and Sophia Reißenweber

The mobile sauna was designed as a meeting and relaxation point on the campus of Burg Giebichenstein art and design school. Its mobility allows it to be used both on and around the campus, with the option to cool down in the river. The design features transparency and lightness, contrasting traditional saunas. It accommodates up to five people and utilizes waste wood as an energy source and can be easily transported using a wheelbarrow-like system. The stove is externally fired to prevent exhaust fumes inside.

As featured in the March/April 2024 issue of Canadian Interiors magazine.


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