Winner announced for virtual interior design challenge, Art Meets Design

The Art Meets Design challenge encourages designers to create spaces that bridge art and design.

Virtual room design 2D render (Photo: Art Meets Design)

Art Meets Design, a design competition exploring the intersection of art and interior design, has named Heather Fox, principal at Fox Interior Design as the winner.

Art Meets Design, which was launched in January of this year, brought together two industry leaders in their respective fields—artterra, Canada’s premier virtual art gallery, and Clavis Studio, an online platform for interior design businesses to challenge participants in a virtual, creative experience.

The competition encourages designers to create spaces that celebrate diverse experiences and narratives. In collaboration with DesignTO, artterra, and Clavis Studio, Art Meets Design also aims to “redefine the role of art in shaping interior spaces.”

Virtual room design 2D render (Photo: Art Meets Design)

With the support of DesignTO, Art Meets Design opened with an online virtual gallery tour that showcased the work of participating artists. The space can be toured virtually, as one would with a live gallery and is complete with artists’ bios and QR code links to recorded messages which detail the artists’ work.

The challenge then invited interior design professionals from across the country to use the Clavis Studio platform to complete the design of a floor plan using their choice of art from the gallery. They were then required to specify furnishings directly from within the platform, which resulted in completed designs in 2D and 3D for the judges to review.

“Art Meets Design embodies the artterra mission to bridge art and design, using technology to make fine art an accessible feature in interior design. By supporting emerging artists, we offer original art that is rich in narrative and affordable in price, challenging the notion that fine art is exclusively for the affluent,” said Parisa Golchoubian, artist, designer, engineer, and founder of artterra.

Virtual room design 2D render (Photo: Art Meets Design)

Art is often omitted from renovation budgets by design clients due to various factors and in many cases, the benefits of art within design are undervalued or overshadowed by more immediate financial considerations. This competition was an attempt to help put a spotlight on this conversation and introduce design professionals to alternative art sources and emerging Canadian artists.

West coast designer Fox was drawn to the artwork of east coaster Grace Lane-Smith, who is an oil/mixed media artist crafting portals to the ocean from the shores of Nova Scotia. In her write-up, Fox states that “the calming presence of the ocean creates a harmonious atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.” Her design complements the use of the artist’s soft colours, natural materials, and subtle warm tones, which enhance the ambiance of the space.

“I had such a great experience creating the bedroom suite design for the Art Meets Design virtual design challenge! It was inspired by the beautiful artwork of Grace Lane-Smith as the perfect jumping-off point for my ideas. I also found Clavis Studio to be a fantastic program, very intuitive, fun to explore, and very user-friendly. I love how it’s more than just a place to design but also a community, a market resource, and a business tool,” said Fox, Fox Interior Design.

Virtual room design 2D render (Photo: Art Meets Design)

Artterra and Clavis Studio share a common passion for innovation and creativity in the field of design and created a brand experience that both showcased their individual strengths but also offered a unique and compelling experience to their audience.

Clavis Studio is known for its innovative digital platform and provides interior designers with a toolset to streamline and enhance each stage of the design journey. The platform enables designers to visualize concepts, experiment with different ideas, and communicate with clients and collaborators.

“At Clavis Studio, we are thrilled to create and host design events as they underscore our unwavering commitment to the design community’s innovation and creativity. Design serves as the cornerstone for intuitive technology, making it imperative for us to continuously push boundaries in this realm,” said Abby Aiyeleye, co-CEO, Clavis Studio.

Judges for the design competition were Micheal Lambie of Micheal Lambie Interiors, Tatiana Soldatova of Syllable Inc. Architecture and Interior Design, and Michelle Bylow, executive director at RAW Artists Canada.