Vintage Vibes: Duke’s Castle Barbershop

From practical workstations to a warm aesthetic, this barbershop in Aurora, Ontario, prioritizes the client experience.

RZ Interiors Inc. is behind the design of Duke’s Castle Barbershop in Aurora, Ont., which aims to combine vintage charm and modern functionality within the confines of a narrow space.

The inspiration behind the 900+-square-foot sanctuary meant for grooming and relaxation, came from the essence of an Old English Vintage classic vibe, which was enriched by applied moulding, custom intricate wood screens, and thoughtful space planning.

An Old English Vintage aesthetic served as the guiding star, and led the designers to curate elements that resonate with classic elegance. The existing exposed ductwork was retained in the ceiling, and incorporated into the design by illuminating the space with lighting arrangements. Applied moulding throughout the space aims to enhance the sense of unity while highlighting the classic charm that defines the space.

The design features dark and moody undertones which are elevated by the rich warmth of wood tones. The diagonal placement of individual barber stations aims to optimize flow and maneuverability.

A spatial arrangement was incorporated, which provides pathways and space while upholding the design’s sophisticated vibe. Durable materials were selected to ensure a combination of both visual appeal and practicality. Smart storage solutions were also incorporated into each workstation.

A dedicated area complete with a pool table, a wall-mounted TV, and a fully integrated bar counter was considered for the waiting area. This touch adds an element of luxury and leisure.

The space also features a master barber station, designed for prime service by the master barber. Sinks were integrated within each workstation which eliminates interruptions by merging the cutting and hair washing processes into one single experience.

Custom wood screens positioned above the half wall separate the waiting area and the pedicure stations. These screens were designed to grant clients exposure to the surroundings.

From the applied moulding on the walls to the artful integration of custom wood screens, every element aims to showcase a commitment to transcending aesthetics.