The Goods: Acoustic Solutions

These versatile and practical acoustic solutions aim to inspire creativity as well as provide sound control.

EchoScreen by Kirei

EchoScreen | Kirei

Kirei has launched seven EchoScreen acoustic screens as a part of the company’s new Level Up collection of fresh panels and screens. EchoScreen showcases designs with smooth contours, unique cutouts, integrated printing, and captivating bevels, all of which offer an array of design possibilities.

“We designed the new EchoScreen collection EchoScreen to reimagine the potential of acoustic screens,” said Michael DiTullo, an independent designer and creative director of the EchoScreen collection. “These screens are a canvas for creativity and inspiration; they enhance visual and acoustic privacy and also elevate the aesthetics of any space.”

The new EchoScreen collection features seven new designs; Hexa, Ellipse, Flow, Fifty3, Coral, Current, and Fizz. Each screen is crafted to offer space division and sound control. Any screen can be installed with standard EchoScreen hardware or Kirei’s rolling track, which is a flexible privacy solution for dynamic spaces.

Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering by Unika Vaev

Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering | Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev has announced its latest acoustic product, Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering which utilizes the brand’s sound absorbing Ecoustic Panel multilayered product, in a new way that allows clients to choose from a large selection of well-known Wilsonart digitally printed patterns and Instyle’s On Country collection designed by Amanda Hinkelmann.

Hinkelmann is a proud Wiradjuri artist from Wagga Wagga NSW whose paintings are inspired by connection, country, and experience. The On Country collection features four prints: Baayi, Burrawarra, Dangaay, and Yalgu.

Clients also have the option to provide their own image, branding, logos, or any colour/pattern to achieve their design vision. Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering achieves a 0.85 NRC rating when applied directly to the wall or ceiling.

Archisonic Cotton. Photo credit: Impact Acoustic

Archisonic | Impact Acoustic

Impact Acoustic has introduced Archisonic Cotton, a new circular solution made from waste materials. Available in a range of 24 natural colours, this product not only absorbs sound, but also adds a natural aesthetic to any space. The main component of the material is cellulose derived from cotton linters and the production process is designed to be circular, recycling and reusing water, while minimizing waste.

The material, which is handmade in Italy and combined with Swiss engineering, is completely reusable, with 100 per cent of the sound absorbers able to be returned to the production process at the end of their life cycle. This not only reduces waste, but also ensures that resources are used efficiently and that the product can be reused by reshaping and adding no more than water without degrading the quality of the materials.