Canadian docuseries exploring natural elements in design makes debut on Earth Day

A Canadian docuseries called The Nature of Design is premiering today (April 22) in time for Earth Day.

Photo credit: The Nature of Design via Instagram

The Nature of Design, a Canadian docuseries exploring the impact on people of inserting natural elements into built spaces will premier today (April 22, 2024) on the Green Channel in celebration of Earth Day.

The six-episode series will explore some examples of natural elements in design (also known as biophilic design), including the Vancouver Convention Center West, with its living roof, and the Seattle Amazon Spheres, where employees find inspiration surrounded by indoor rainforest.

The series will be hosted by Candian teen and TikTok influencer Louisa Whitmore, and will feature a variety of experts ranging from architects to neuroscientists who will take viewers on a journey about the mental and physical impacts of this approach to architecture, as well as its evolution.

Experts featured in the series include Emily Grant, neuroscientist at the University of Waterloo, Andrew Grant founder and landscape architect at Grant Associates, Rob Pena, designer of Bullitt Center and associate professor at the University of Washington, Deborah Sigler, program coordinator, Center for Integrated Design at the University of Washington, Catie Ryan Balagtas, environmental design consultant, director at Terrapin Bright Green, Charles Marshall, architect at Dialog Design, Jared Gilbert, director of communications at Cookfox, Daniel Winterbottom, professor at the University of Washington, Jamie Miller, director of biomimicry, Senior Associate B+H Architects, Jared Hanley, CEO at NatureQuant, Jennifer Walsh, host of Biophilic Solutions podcast, Judith Heerwgen, environmental psychologist, associate professor at the University of Washington, Naila Moloo, environmental activist, researcher, Ottawa, Oshin Vartanian, associate professor department of psychology U of T and Susan Jones, founder and principal architect at Atelier Jones.

The series will also spark scientific revelations about the importance of connecting with nature and is a whirlwind architectural tour.

From green roofs to vertical forests and pioneering 3D-printed mud homes, radical eco-designs worldwide are reshaping schools, cities, workplaces, hospitals, and homes toward a more sustainable future.

Researchers have reported health benefits for people in biophilic spaces which include lower stress and blood pressure levels, improved cognitive function, faster recovery time for patients in biophilic care settings, improved sleep and more.

The Nature of Design aims to opens this world to viewers, and delve beneath the hard surfaces to the human subconscious and health.

The series is funded by The Bell Fund and was co-produced by Bee Video Production and Paradox Pictures.