The Goods: Outdoor Public Furniture

These options for outdoor public furniture provide an array of customizable options to create any desired aesthetic.

Plains & Pods by Landscape Forms

Plains & Pods | Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-design site furniture, structure, LED lighting and accessories in North America has introduced the Plains & Pods system of seating, surfaces, and planters created with  London-based design studio, Industrial Facility.  Plains & Pods are designed to work both together and independently, and use minimalist, non-prescriptive design to prioritize flexibility, adaptability, and user autonomy.

Plains, which is rectilinear and architectural, is made of large-format platforms and a trestle, and varies in height and width to create customizable settings of layered seating and surfaces. Pods on the other hand, are seating and planters designed to be grouped together in clusters.

“Much like a blank piece of paper or a very simple rectangular table, when you see Plains & Pods, what you’re seeing is its potential,” said Sam Hecht, designer and co-founder of Industrial Facility. “And when you see something as potential, it means you can impart yourself on it. There’s no code to it—it’s a setting where life is played out.”

Curved bench with Douglas Fir covering from the 40 Collection. Photo credit: Tommy Fafard

Collection 40 | Equiparc

Equiparc has introduced Collection 40, in celebration of forty years dedicated to enhancing spaces and providing high-quality furniture.

Collection 40 builds on experience gained from the Urbaniti Collection, which was launched in 2021. The new components consist of straight and curved benches and tables, and allow for various configurations. This new standard furniture stands out for its modular elements and versatility, and has been enhanced by a variety of accessories including backrests, armrests, and tabletops.

All of the interchangeable pieces feature a rounded design and the benches can be arranged in either a circle or ‘S’ shape to suit different outdoor spaces which means there are no limits to the layouts that can be created and integrated with landscapes. Collection 40 is available with Equiparc’s full range of hardwoods, as well as their post-consumer recycled plastic.