New exhibition to put spotlight on homelessness

The exhibition called (IN)VISIBLE: Design through the Prism of Homelessness will be on display in Montréal and aims to deconstruct the prejudice and stigma of homelessness.

Photo credit: Kassandra Reynolds

A new exhibition entitled, (IN)VISIBLE: Design through the Prism of Homelessness, aims to offer a new perspective on the phenomenon of homelessness and will present works created by various artists and researchers.

The exhibition is being presented by the UQAM Design Centre, in collaboration with Architecture Without Borders Québec (ASFQ), professor Carolyne Grimard of the École de travail social at the Université de Montréal, and with the participation, among others, of Anne-Marie Broudehoux, professor at the École de design at UQAM.

(IN)VISIBLE: Design through the Prism of Homelessness proposes a “reflection on how to make the spatial claims of homeless people visible, without harming them” and is the result of research conducted over a two-year period in collaboration with community organizations and people who have experienced homelessness.

Photo credit: Elizabeth_Prince

Among the creations in the exhibition are an Archisuits by American artist Sarah Ross, designed to enable people to be comfortable on hostile urban structures, as a result of its foams that follow the forms of the furniture. 

Documentary photographs from the Assez d’espace à l’intérieur series will also be added by Québec artist Kassandra Reynolds, who spent several months in the Notre-Dame camp in 2020. Several works created during the research in collaboration with people who have experienced housing precariousness will also be presented.

Photographs and urban stories of research partners who have experienced housing insecurity will be exhibited, along with models made by members of the collective Dehors de dehors representing desired development projects.

Photo credit: Luis Trépanier

Lastly, a critical mapping produced through a collaboration of the collective a+i, the organization l’Anonyme and people participating in the Nuit des sans-abri 2024 will be on display.

Professor Anne-Marie Broudehoux at the École de design at UQAM, who has been involved in the exhibition since its inception in 2021, has also organized an international design workshop with American artist Sarah Ross, which will go on until May 18, 2024. Twenty-five third-year students from UQAM’s bachelor’s program in Environmental Design will travel around the city to carry out works that will be incorporated into the exhibition.

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