More Than One-Third of Canadians Embrace a 2-6 Year Redesign Cycle: Survey

Transitional designs, neutral colours, and glam and farmhouse styling are leading design choices for Canadians, according to a survey by Moen.

Moen showerhead (Photo credit: Moen)

A survey conducted by Moen puts a spotlight on the evolving landscape of Canadian interior design preferences.

The 2024 Homeowner Trends Report revealed a major shift towards personalization as a key factor in home design. The results found that a total of 78  per cent of Canadian homeowners deem personalization in the home important to them.

The survey noted that updating the style of rooms throughout a home can be time-consuming and found that 41 per cent of Canadians tend to redesign their space every two to six years.

According to respondents, the top three primary goals, were personalizing the space (33 per cent), improving organization and reducing clutter (29 per cent), and making the space more functional (28 per cent).“It’s not a surprise to see so many people looking to redesign their home every few years,” said Danielle DeBoe Harper, sr. creative style manager, Moen. “As lifestyles and priorities change, so do our style preferences. With personalization being such a significant factor, our needs change, so we update our homes to better reflect individuality in our own personal sanctuaries.”The survey noted the importance of researching current trends in order to minimize planning stress and identify design preferences consumers may not have thought about. The findings revealed that some people are already adopting this strategy, with 49 per cent of Canadians using new trends to influence their design choices occasionally.

“Using the latest design trends as a guide can create new possibilities for personalized style in each room,” said DeBoe Harper. “By allowing yourself to be open to new colour palettes, room layouts or fixture styles, people can add an extra personal touch into their spaces they would have never even considered or otherwise knew existed. Some of the most trending ways this can be done are through mixing metals on escutcheons and faucet finishes which adds character and confidence. By committing to a holistic neutral palette, homeowners can use various textures or tones of neutral colours across rooms to add more depth and intrigue to spaces.”

In terms of design styles, the leading choices were neutral colours and transitional designs, followed by a tie between farmhouse and glam styling. Matte Black emerged as the favoured finish among those surveyed and there were also a strong percentage of respondents (31 per cent) who prefer a modern design style for their space.

According to the survey, the top three factors homeowners consider when purchasing a new fixture, such as a faucet, showerhead, or sink, are functionality (34 per cent), price (27 per cent) and style (24 per cent).

“Mixing more traditional style fixtures, like Smyth, with unexpected finishes can add a more personalized touch to a space,” said DeBoe Harper. “Different combinations allow homeowners to highlight their preferred aesthetics depending on the choice. For example, when paired with a traditional faucet, the new Bronzed Gold finish from Moen maintains a farmhouse feel while delivering an understated elegance in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Matte Black brings a more industrial look for a bold statement piece.”