The Goods: Coffee Tables

From thoughtful details to locally sourced materials, these coffee tables add a modern aesthetic to indoor spaces while encouraging users to relax and recharge.

Nieves table by Autonomous Furniture

Nieves Oval Table | Autonomous Furniture

Designer and founder, Kirk Van Ludwig, known for his solid wood furniture, aimed to highlight nature’s finest materials for this table.

The original version of this table, which won a Best of Canada (BoC) award last fall, combines natural materials from two elements; wood and stone. Starting with solid wood that is locally sourced, Van Ludwig selected Dekton ultra-compact stone by Cosentino as a carbon neutral product that is heat and stain resistant.

The Nieves table is available in three colourways – a dark and dramatic Black Walnut and Radium Dekton or naturally light Alder and Neural Dekton. The latest colourway, Umber Dekton and Read Oak, was launched last month at ICFF in New York, where the brand proudly displayed the BoC award.

Sideways Coffee Table by Carl Hansen

Sideways Coffee Table | Carl Hansen

The sideways coffee table, along with the lounge chair, are the newest additions to Carl Hansen & Son’s collection, crafted in collaboration with Danish designer, Rikke Frost.

The round Sideways coffee table has a wooden frame and reversible tabletop with two different surfaces in either oak or walnut on one side and laminate on the other. There is also a version in Italian marble. The table top rests on brass fittings that contrast with the wooden frame.

The collection was inspired by the essence of human connection and aims to encourage genuine engagement. As a result, the discreet shelf integrated into the coffee table provides a spot for phones and technology to be tucked away. These design details aim to remind users of the power of creating space for interaction.